“Do You Feel Your Profits & Market Share Are Under Siege?”

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Increase Your Business’s Sales, Turnover, Or Add Value To Your Home With Factory Direct Glass Pool Fencing.

Serving Pool Building & Fencing Services, Developers & Builders, Landscapers, Homeowners & Others With Superior Glass Fencing, Premium Service & More, Wholesale & Retail.

“Creating An Oasis For Homeowners & Increasing Businesses’ Turnover.”

Hi, it’s Kuldeep Singh, the founder of Factory Direct Glass Pool Fencing.

This is really important, so I’ll get to the point.

When pool fencing retailers, wholesalers, builders, developers and similar businesses contact the team and me about our wholesale glass balustrading and pool fencing, we’re often asked:

 “How do I increase my business’s profits and market share without blowing out my purchasing costs or quality when I’m buying and selling pool fencing and balustrading?”

Wholesale and retail frameless glass pool fencing for businesses

Our answer?

Well, one of the biggest problems is the amount of cheap glass panel fencing and balustrading imports flooding into Australia.

This makes it hard for businesses and homeowners to know if the glass panel fencing or balustrades they’re buying meets Australian Standards – but also if what they are buying is actually what they’ll receive.

Another problem is that pool fencing businesses and retailers are tired of just breaking even and want more profit from their retail glass pool fencing and balustrading sales, plus a larger market share.

On top of that, homeowners buying glass pool fencing are confused about all the different types of pool fencing on the market, so each person’s situation is as unique as they are.

Experience Solutions & Benefits With Factory Direct Glass Pool Fencing

If you’re after frameless glass pool fencing at wholesale or retail prices that will save your business money and blend in beautifully with the surroundings of your or your customers’ swimming pools, Factory Direct Glass Pool Fencing is here to serve you.

Other Solutions & Benefits You, Your Business Or Home Are Guaranteed To Receive Are:

  1. Our glass fencing and balustrading will increase the value, presentation, safety and appeal of your pool area or location wherever you feature it.
  2. Due to our size, experience and network of glass balustrading and fencing suppliers, you’re able to purchase glass balustrading and fencing from us for wholesale and retail prices.

For the business owner this means you’ll increase turnover, your profit margins, reduce purchasing costs and be more competitive buying the same or better quality glass pool fencing panels.

You’re also guaranteed to save your time, money and headaches because we take care of everything for you!

For the homeowner it means you can buy direct and save too! Unlike some of our retail competitors who have rents to pay, wages and so on, we don’t. So you’re buying direct and saving money for exactly the same or better quality glass pool fencing panels without the marked up recommended retail price!

  1. You’re also guaranteed that every sheet or panel of frameless glass fencing we sell meets Australian Standards.
  2. Plus, you’re guaranteed a 10-year structural warranty from the date of purchase, unlike some of the other glass fencing panels wholesalers or retailers you’ll find on the Internet.
  3. Safer for children – On top of that, with our glass pool fencing you’ll be creating an effective safety barrier, as there are no footholds on our glass pool fencing for kids to put their foot on to climb over.

Whether you’re a pool builder, pool fencing or landscaping service, developer, builder or similar service who wants to increase your business’s turnover and market share, or a homeowner looking for a great deal on glass pool fencing for your home, don’t delay.

Whatever your reason, whatever your need, Factory Direct Glass Pool Fencing has the balustrading and glass fencing for you!

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We wrote this guide so businesses and homeowners can learn more about how to identify the poor quality, cheap semi frameless and frameless glass panel fencing or balustrading that’s flooding the market from the quality pool fencing so they do not waste their money.

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